There are more than 700 operating Professional Employer Organization service providers in the US.
How will you know which PEO provider is best suited for your company?
PEO Services Revealed

As the PEOs grow their presence, it has become increasingly difficult to find and select the right one for your organization among more than 700 in the US. The Huldisch Group (PEO brokers) is here to help you bridge this gap at no cost to your company.


We are compensated by the PEO providers & our service for you is free.

The Huldisch Group will guide you through the Professional Employer Organization selection process, providing you with the best PEO service providers based on your criteria.

We will provide you with only one RFP Questionnaire that can be used for all vendors providers and it will only take about 15 minutes to fill out.


✅ Highest Savings

Comparing multiple PEOs will allow you to choose the one that can be most cost effective and provide the highest savings to your company.

✅ Richest Health Plans

A comparison between the many PEOs will allow you to choose from different health insurance companies as all PEOs do not use the same carrier.

✅ Right Choice

Reviewing multiple PEOs will provide you the solution that can handle your special needs for your industry, location and circumstances. You will avoid having to change providers again in the future.


We are compensated by the PEO providers & our service for you is free.


Determine your needs

We help you identify and prioritize your current HR challenges and determine if a PEO solution makes sense.
Our clients normally have one to three main issues which are best identified in the beginning of the process (i.e. health insurance, HR administration, worker’s compensation, etc.)

Identify the right PEO

As PEO brokers we have worked with a few dozen PEOs and through our interaction with them, we are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.
Based on our experience we will identify a PEO which would be the right fit based on demographics, industry type, geography and other factors for any start up or established company.

Provide multiple PEO options

Rather than looking at 1 or possibly 2 options on your own; with our help we will bring to you between two and five different PEO solutions for you to choose from.
We found having more initial choices and then narrowing them down will prevent making the wrong choice. We do this with only one set of forms.
On your own you would have to start the process separately with each PEO.

Side by side analysis proposal

When PEOs present their numbers to a client most often are bundled together and are very difficult to properly make sense of them. We sort through the data and break it into a format that is simple, short and easy to understand.
We make sure your current costs are contrasted on a line by line proposal where you can see a comparison of your costs vs. PEO1, PEO2, etc.

Walk-through the options

We present the side by side analysis proposal to you explaining the information one step at the time answering all your questions. We share our expert opinion on the various PEOs and guide you to choose what is best for your organization.
You are always free to choose whichever option makes the most sense without any commitment or obligation or incurring any fees whatsoever.

Negotiate a better rate

Due to the long standing relationship and volume of business THG has provided the PEOs, we can often use our clout with them to get highly competitive pricing for a any client.


We are compensated by the PEO providers & our service for you is free.


“Richard made searching for a PEO a snap. No more needing to think up interview questions, research bidders, clarify offers. Richard’s firm did all that and more. They were our trusted advisor from start to finish. They guided us to a great solution, and stayed on top of the implementation as well. This is a great service and a great firm.” – Andi Gray, Strategy Leaders, Inc.

“We are a growing company that needed to implement a PEO. Like many new companies we weren’t sure where to start and how to evaluate the different offerings that are available. The Huldisch Group was invaluable in guiding us through the process and taking the necessary time to explain all the nuances. Not only were able to find a cost effective solution that suited our employees needs, we were able to accomplish our goals much more efficiently than if we tried to do it all on our own.” – Kira Bazile,North Street Global

“The Huldisch Group was a lifesaver as our nonprofit association navigated the process of identifying the best fit in a potential PEO partner. Always prompt in responses and follow throughs, patient in answering every question, Richard guided us through proposals, plans and more. What a valuable service THG offers!” – Mary Todd,The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

“Excellent service provided by The Huldisch Group. Really efficient, easy process and we are very impressed with the resulting PEO we are now using. Highly recommend using The Huldisch Group broker services.” – Terri Garnick,Glenborough LLC

“I cannot say enough great things about The Huldisch Group and the incredible value they added in our search for the right PEO. They were very responsive and understanding of our company structure in finding a plan that would best suit us. It is clear their team has great relationships which they are able to leverage to get the best deal possible for your specific needs.” – Jay Maxwell, Standard Freight


We are compensated by the PEO providers & our service for you is free.


What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are firms that allow businesses to outsource their HR functions. PEOs co-employ with your company and:

  • Processes payroll and taxes
  • Workers Compensation
  • HR Administration
  • Employee benefits

What is a PEO broker?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) broker is a professional that assists businesses in finding the right PEO services to meet their specific needs. They help business owners compare multiple PEOs and negotiate the best deals on services. PEO brokers provide expert advice on how to structure the PEO relationship and compliance requirements, negotiate pricing and contracts, and ensure the best service for the business.


You are a start up with 2 to 5 employees and plan on growing >

Partnering with a PEO now eliminates the need to spend your time to find a payroll company to do your payroll, to find a Property and Casualty broker to establish your workers’ compensation policy, to find a health insurance broker to get you a health insurance policy and for you to learn how to stay compliant with regulation on your own.
The PEO will handle all of these components for you so you can save your time to focus on your core business. A PEO through their services and benefits will position your company in the best light to attract top talent and additional capital.

You are an established business with 5 to 500 employees >

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can reduce current costs and headaches while elevating the level of employee benefits you have.
The PEOs through their economies of scale will offer you benefits not available for companies of your size on your own and at lower cost. The PEO chosen will team up with you to keep you compliant with the ever growing regulation.


We are compensated by the PEO providers & our service for you is free.