Although the process of finding the right PEO might seem complicated, we are here for you and will guide you through every step of it.

Our expertise is complementary to you since we are only compensated by the PEO solution you choose; in essence, free of charge to you.

The process from beginning to the end of finding you the perfect Professional Employer Organization includes the following steps:

Initial Discussion

We first have a conversation with you to understand your business and to determine if a PEO is a good fit for you. We figure out what is important to your business specifically and what your needs are so we can be most effective at finding the right solution for you.

Data Gathering

Once we have determined that partnering with a PEO is the right fit for you, we then need to collect your information.

The information needed for most companies is the following:

  • RFP Questionnaire completed
  • Census Spreadsheet Template completed
  • Current Company Health Insurance Invoice
  • Health Insurance Plan(s) Summary of Benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation DEC Page

Data Sorting & Distribution

We process the information to make sure it is complete and convert the data into a format PEOs preferred when necessary. We then select the top PEOs that match your criteria and your needs and send the data to them for underwriting.

Quote Collection

After the PEOs receive all your data, they underwrite and if everything makes sense to them and is complete, they send us a quote. We collect all PEOs quotes until the last PEO has finished with their underwriting. This process typically takes 5 to 7 business days.

Quote Review & Negotiation

Once we have the PEOs quotes for your company we review them to make sure they are adequate and often we go back to them and further negotiate on your behalf to make sure they are competitive.

Cost Analysis

We convert all quotes into a cost analysis proposal format so you can see your current costs cross-compared to the PEOs proposed quotes.

Proposal Presentation

Once your cost analysis is completed, we share this proposal with you and answer any questions you may have about the different PEO options.

Decision Making Guidance

We guide you to help you decide on which option makes the most sense for you. Cost is a primary deciding factor for many of our clients but other factors are important as well and we are there to assist in choosing the best provider for you.

PEO Introduction

After you have chosen the best PEO provider for your company, we set up direct communication between you and the PEO so that they can further answer your questions, provide you with a payroll demo, create a timeline needed for onboarding with them and go over a client service agreement. We are involved in this process to assist you and the PEO in making sure everything is smooth.

Satisfaction Monitoring

The PEO will do the servicing for you at this point, however, The Huldisch Group stays in communication with you periodically to make sure your satisfaction is continuous.

There is nothing more important for us than to find a PEO who will be the right fit for your company and employees.


We are compensated by PEO providers and our service for you is free.