Problem:  A growing company in the NY tri-state area specializing in financial services consulting was already paired up with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

They had been relatively happy over the years but now the PEO was experiencing some changes.

The health insurance carrier selected by the PEO was going to change in the near future followed by a change in the PEO’s technology portal a few months later.

The financial services client needed to keep the same health insurance carrier to guarantee all their doctors would continue to service them and their employees.  The proposed change with their current PEO posed a challenge for them.

Solution:  The Huldisch Group was contacted to find a different provider that could service them within the same PEO model and same health insurance carrier.

We provided the client with two PEO options that met their criteria; In the end, the client chose the one they thought was most cost-effective.

Result: The client company was able to change service providers just in time to avoid switching health insurance carriers and provide continuity of coverage.

As an added bonus by partnering with the new PEO, they reduced their costs approximately by 8%.

In addition, the medical plan they got through the new PEO was superior to their prior plan.

A win-win for the client by achieving lower costs and better benefits.

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